TETKID (Turkey Event, Meeting and Congress Industry Managers Association)

TETKİD was established in order to gather event managers of corporate companies and to set the standards and service-buying criteria of Turkish MICE industry, the association has the aim of raising the standards of Turkish MICE industry’s general structure. In the long run, TETKİD aims to gather all shareholders of Turkish MICE industry and become a union. The association has the goal of raising the awareness of brands, event companies and suppliers with a global perspective and informing them on the innovations of the world by educating them. Main objectives of TETKİD are; becoming a “real” information source of MICE industry and providing strong MICE-focused research and surveys.

Association members will stay updated on the innovations and technology-related news of Turkish and global MICE industry and benefit from the detailed-research on Turkish MICE industry to increase their business quality. In order to maintain a healthy relationship and a competition between MICE industry’s shareholders, TETKİD also aims to create and oversee the business code of ethics of the industry. The association plans to cooperate with international MICE associations and corporations to stay up-to-date. Experienced managers of the TETKİD board gathered to shape the future and increase the value of the industry and they believe in the power and limitless potential of Turkish MICE industry.


Senior executives of corporate companies who organize and plan event organizations of their companies can be a member of TETKİD association.


  • Gathering event managers of corporate companies under the roof of an association,
  • Creating exchange of information and networking, strengthening cooperation and unity,
  • Setting the standards of MICE industry, creating the code of business ethics,
  • Setting the service-buying criteria,
  • Leading the raising process of occupational standards,
  • Presenting education to the new event-based or supplier-based workforce of the industry,
  • Informing its members on the current updates on occupational, professional, social, economic and legal news
  • Maintaining healthy relationships between shareholders,
  • Organizing B2B events to create new business collaborations,
  • Bringing international events to Turkey,
  • Following global innovations, trends and event technologies by seminars and sessions,
  • Doing detailed-research on the industry to inform its members and plan actions to increase business quality,
  • Conducting Turkish MICE industry-focused surveys to show the potential of the industry with real data and create an exchange of information,
  • Announcing TETKİD surveys to international corporations, press and global MICE industry,
  • Offering solutions to problems of all shareholders within the industry,
  • Collaborating with international associations and corporations in order to attain TETKİD’s objectives,
  • Becoming a member of international corporations which have the same objectives,
  • ACE of M.I.C.E. Awards jury consist association members.

For Detailed Information: https://www.tetkid.com/